Armada Tanks

Armada Tanks

A battlefield full of tanks


  • Easy to play


  • Graphics are very basic
  • Upgrades to tank not particularly exciting

Not bad

Armada Tanks is an alternative version of Bomberman which simply replaces bombs with tanks. The aim however is the same - eliminate and destroy enemies at all costs. You use the keyboard cursor keys to move and either the "Enter" key or left mouse button to shoot. Your task is to destroy every vehicle that appears on the small map you see on the screen.

As you complete your missions, players earn money for completing missions, they can purchase upgrades and well as new weapons. And when the action gets intense, players can roll over powerups that offer several benefits, including invincibility and base repairs. However, after you've done the first five levels, you'll find the going gets very tough and the extensions you can buy are not exactly spectacular.

This is a fun shoot-em-up although you can't purchase anything particularly exciting with your hard earned level credits and the difficulty becomes rather too high after the initial levels.

Armada Tanks is an arcade shoot-em-up that challenges players to protect their military base from the enemy.

In each of the game's 60 levels, players steer their armored carrier into position and fire on aa variety of opposing tanks. As you earn money for completing missions, you can upgrade and increase your firepower.

Armada Tanks


Armada Tanks

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